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A Mouse Tale

About the story: 

"This story started at the moment I overheard a casual comment when our son Kevin said, I think we might have a mouse living in the SUV."

That was the kernel of truth that cascaded into this most recent work. "A Mouse Tale" describes a foster family of five mice who become homeless on several occasions. They rely on their ingenuity to find creative solutions to their dilemma. Along the way, these five diverse characters, find new adventures as they explore faraway places most mice have never dreamed of. Some life threatening dangers and hilarious situations bring them to both tears and squeaks of laughter. Like "Spirited Antiques" this story was read aloud to a group of family and friends by a wonderful storyteller, Mary Jo Maichack. Her magical spell had youngsters squealing and making pater-pater sounds like running mice!


Beany wakes up this morning and sniffs fresh peanut butter. All mice are attracted to this best smell of all and Beany knows it means danger! Somewhere there's a dreadful trap and he needs to find it before someone gets hurt. Mice fear the traps even more than cats. He carefully threads his way out of the tire well, carrying a tothpick. The peanut scent is easy to follow. Mr. Dee had slipped it under the back seat where he found the cheese crackers. A glob of extra chunky peanut butter is plopped in the middle of the trap.

It's in a tight space, Beany thinks, and looks like a new model. He's had lots of practice getting the peanut butter without being caught in the trap. The trick is to use a toothpck (round ones are the best) to trigger the trap. This trick is called "Trap Picking."

About the book:

Edition size of fifty copies. Thirty five copies with original color illustrations are bound in soft covers and fifteen copies are handbound in cloth over boards with special paper labels. Special packaging details include a small leather pouch with five acorns inside. An E-book edition is now available for the Apple iPad.
Book size is 8 1/2" wide by 7 1/2" high.