Publishing short stories, silly stories and sometimes serious stories.  


larry derose

"My favorite symbol from Native American art is the Man-in-Maze pattern. Found frequently in Southwest artifacts, this popular design has been incorporated by artisans in tightly woven baskets and contemporary jewelry.

Tradition suggests this maze symbolizes our life journey. We enter unaware of the complex path of blind walls and unexpected changes in directions. Just look at how far one must travel to cover the short distance from start to finish. How many times do we turn backwards before making progress towards our goal? The design depicts this in elegantly simple geometric terms. Notice the small alcove near the end of the path. Legend says this is a special place where one rests to contemplate our journey before entering the unknown.  This pattern provides an image for reflection, and the basis for a publishing title. Most of the time I feel like the man-in-maze.

My romance with writing is expressed in the form of short stories and essays. Most of the stories are finished in handcrafted, bound editions with handmade papers and original illustrations.  Finished editions are usually published in short runs of 50-75. Over the years they have been shared exclusively with friends and family as gifts. This web site is designed to share this work with a wider audience."

Larry Derose


Quick Facts: A mechanical engineer by education whose early career was influenced by the nation's manned spaceflight programs. Currently involved with the design, development and manufacturing of medical devices. This technical background is most likely responsible for a sometimes irrational, obsession with details. 

Workshops: Gotham Writers Workshops, Springfield Storytelling Project, Oregon Children's Book Writers Workshop, Bay Path College Writers Weekend, Annual SCBWI workshops.  

Memberships: SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)

Current Interests: Development of E-book and iPad pathways for future works.