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Caswell and The Turtles of Cayman Brac


 About the story

"A vacation trip to the Cayman Islands set the background for this story. While staying at a beachfront villa, I watched a caretaker go about his work early in the morning before the blistering hot Carribean sun sapped his energy. Each morning we would exchange a few simple pleasantries while he raked the tidal seaweed from the beach. Eventually I extended our early morning chats and captured some of the emotions and experiences hiding behind his weathered face.
On my next visit to Cayman Brac, 25 editions were donated to the local Rotary group as a fund raiser to help restore their tiny library."


Caswell has always lived on Cayman Brac and fishing is what we talk about first. He tells me how he used to fish from his own small boat, a wooden sail boat that is still hand-built on some Caribbean islands. When he was a boy, he would sail far away to the outer banks to fish for yellowtail, his favorite fish.

"Better eating than grouper," he says with a smile.

One morning, our conversation shifts from fish to turtles and I ask if he had ever fished for the big Green turtles that were so plentiful in these waters. When the word "turtle" was first spoken you could almost see the word float about in the breeze for awhile before he responds.

"Turtles? Yes. Do you want to know about turtles?"

I could tell by the look on his face that a key had just turned to unlock a chest of treasured memories. Sitting on a low stone wall under a coconut palm he slowly opens the top of that chest and takes me with him to an earlier age of adventure…and turtle fishing.

About the book

Edition size of 45 copies. Soft covers, hand bound with special pastepaper covers and original drawings. The cover captures the essence of the sky, sea and raked beach sand of Cayman Brac. Inside are photographs taken by the author.
Book size is 5 1/2" wide by 7 1/2" high.