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Reunion Reflections


About the story

"50th high school reunions are usually viewed with disdain, indifference or compelling curiosity and desire to re-connect with classmates.
When it was time for mine, my attitude was somewhere between disdain and indifference. After a compelling suggestion from a classmate, I attended and learned how wrong my original thoughts were." 

This short story came from an essay composed within 24 hours of the reunion weekend close.


Around the bar and dining room, relationships are already being revived. Some are instantaneous when recognition has not been clouded by a half-century of separation. Others get off to a stumbling start when memory banks are slow to engage.

Even with my name and picture hanging from my neck, will anyone recognize me?

We scan the crowded room for a familiar face or name. Admist these bustling classmates our minds keep scrolling through the possibilities ahead.

I hope this black outfit hides those extra pounds.
Will they still think I'm a nerd?
I wonder if he remembers that crazy day in chemistry?
Will she remember how we felt about each other?
I better stop for a drink first!


About the book

Edition size of 50 copies. Hardbound with class mascot label on front cover. Inside line art drawings are from originals made by the art staff who helped produce the yearbook for 1957. Special packaging details include, a note card with a line art drawing of the high school, an envelope with a mint stamp from 1957 that honors the Teachers of America, and a hand stamped,custom postmark. A few blank pages are inserted in the back for hand written notes at future reunions.
Book size is 5 1/2" wide by 5" high.