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Spirited Antiques


About the story

"While visiting friends on Martha's Vineyard, I was left alone in a quaint antique shop where I was led to some most curious discoveries. A mysterious mirror held well kept secrets yet to be revealed to its' new owner."

This story was an ambitious attempt to develop a more complex experience for the reader. It went beyond earlier work in terms of content and character development. One challenge was how to incorporate personality details from a group of good friends into the story characters in a subtle manner.

Also woven onto the background setting, were earlier life impressions of Cape Cod and what it might have been like to live there as a child. When first introduced as a finished work, this story was read aloud to a group of family and friends by our minstrel friend, Mary Jo Maichack. Her storytelling magic brought the story to life in a most wonderful way.


There he stands, full beard and mustache still black as charcoal and neatly trimmed. His eyes seem darker and deeper set than she remembers.

"Laura, it's time for our afternoon tea together."

She watches his mouth form every syllable. The sound of his fond and familiar voice unlocks a rush of stored emotions.

I must turn now! she thinks.

Slowly she turns, gently lifting both arms in anticipation of a loving embrace, then hesitates. For years the mirrored images have always vanished whenever she turned. Another half step around... her head is still bowed slightly...perhaps from fear of looking too quickly...a few more steps...

This year will be different. He will stay. We will be together!

Her turn now complete, she lifts her head while extending her hands to meet his.

"My Captain," she says, as they embrace.

About the book

Edition size of 75 copies. Twenty five special copies were hand bound in quarter leather with cloth over boards. Fifty copies were soft covered in handmade Nepali Lokata Pinto Buckskin.

Special packaging details include a hand tied, string wrapped paper outer wrap, a tiny antique tag with the edition number, a hand lettered envelope with a mint 1932 postage stamp and a custom hand-stamped postmark. Inside is an old packing slip identifying the recipient and edition number. Book size is 6" wide by 8 1/2" high.