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Microseconds of Madness

Microseconds of Madness: A two volume set devoted to misfiring neurons. 

" I frequently experience moments in time when imaginations twists reality. Neural signals get confused. It can happen any moment, anywhere. An event triggers bionic signals through uncharted pathways in our brains. Our "normal" thought process goes astray for a few microseconds.There are no outward expressions of this internal chaos. Private thoughts stay locked-up, repeated only in the silence of our minds. Real events are distorted by what I call "Microseconds of Madness."

Vol 1 - Travis

About the story

A trip weary traveler arrives at his home airport where a few greeters stand with name cards for returning passengers. Everything is real up to one moment when neurons begin to misfire. A romantic encounter ensues…but is it real?

Business travel produces lot's of waiting with new opportunities for observing people and situations. "Travis" was written after a business trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota.


My eyes flick back to the card. Unlike the limo drivers' hastily scrawled cards, her sign is lettered in carefully-drawn bold strokes. Another look to her face confirms my next thought.

She wrote his name with her lipstick.

The sensual deep red is a perfect match to her's unmistakable!
A step closer and I scent a provacative fragrance. My brain responds and unleashes a burst of thought impulses in microsecond increments of madness.

She's never met this guy, Travis.
There's something about me that's familiar.
For sure she's not anticipating a young surfer or weight lifter.
I must look enough like this other guy...
What if I walk towards her and become Travis?
How long could this fantasy continue?

About the book

Edition size of 50 copies. Hand bound with original illustrations drawn and hand colored.  Each book is accompanied by a small, artificial red rose.
Book size is 5"high by 5 1/2" wide.