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Microseconds of Madness
Vol 2 - Little Elmo

About the story

A South Carolina youngster is happy building sandcastles in his backyard. He doesn't notice the stealthy approach of "Big Daddy", the huge alligator who lives in the adjacent lagoon. Little Elmo gets snatched and bravely fights for his survival while Big Daddy cruises the lagoon and onlookers watch in horror. The facts are true up to the point of neuron misfiring.

"I was inspired to write Little Elmo during a vacation at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. There really is a Big Daddy alligator there!"


"Before we know it, Big Daddy Gator is crusin' the lagoon with little Elmo clamped tight in his mean-lookn' toothy jaws. Little Elmo looks scared out of his wits. Out one side of the gators' mouth, Elmos' tiny hand is wavin' that flg for all it's worth; out the other side, his feet are kickn' the water like crazy.

The first thing is, little Elmo tries to poke out the gators' eye with the flag. In a stiff breeze that flag is flutterin' and lookin' real proud. Big Daddy Gator keeps crusin' the lagoon lookin' like a weird sort of Confederate submarine on surface cruise. Elmo keeps pkin' at that eye and we all start to yell and cheer him on. As if a parade, Elmo lifts his arm and waves. We shout and clap louder 'til Elmo almost smiles."

About the book

Edition size of 75 copies. Hand bound with hand colored original illustrations.
The cover bindings are made from confederate flags, laser cut by Kevin Derose.  
Each book is accompanied by a pair of tiny sneakers.
Book size is 5 1/2" wide by 5" high.